Stockholm is home to one of Europe’s most advanced and innovative cleantech clusters. It is also the leading Scandinavian hub for environmental science, and it is known for the Nobel Prize.

Get early access to cleantech innovations

There are hundreds of cutting edge clean technology companies in the Stockholm Region looking for suitable international partners.

Develop your green business in one of the world’s most environmentally driven markets

Stockholm was the first city to be designated the European Green Capital in 2010. Five decades of dedicated work for urban sustainability and a focus on the evolution of non-fossil energy means that world-class expertise in the cleantech field can be found here.

Stockholm has succeeded in cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent in the last decade, combining growth and sustainability. There is an official target to make the region CO2 free by 2050 that drives a dynamic market for alternative fuels and renewable energy.

Integrated and holistic planning, an early-adopter approach and close ties between public institutions and private enterprise offer a dynamic market for foreign companies that want to test and showcase their newest technologies.

The sustainable district of Royal Sea Port is a unique global showcase for the regeneration project application of a smart grid. The area is open to potential foreign capital, technologies and know-how.

Profit from opportunities in growing markets

Invest in the unexploited market for wind and solar energy new fuels, and energy efficiency.

Wind power production is estimated to grow from 4 to 30 TWH in 2020 due to new national targets and green certificates.

The Stockholm region is expanding and estimates predict that by 2030 the region will have 4 million inhabitants. Municipal government plans to invest multi billion euro amounts in the future sustainable infrastructure for energy, waste, water and transport. Take part in this promising public – private investment market.

Unique advantages in brief

Leadership: European leader in sustainable urban development 2010, world leader in technology development for biogas, ocean power and smart grids

Experience: five decades of conversion to non-fossil energy and fuels, home to the sustainable city Hammarby Sjöstad, a global showcase, and strong environmental cluster.

Innovative: Largest number of innovative cleantech companies in Scandinavia , internationally positioned research centers

Market: Large public procurements, unexploited market for wind power, growing demand for new fuels

Investment opportunities

  • Supply innovative technologies for building automation, e-transport, energy storage, energy distribution and energy efficiency in Stockholm Royal Sea Port, the intelligent energy city.
  • Invest in and operate production plants for renewable fuels for transportation.
  • Finance and internationalize innovative companies in the new materials, fuels and energy -saving markets.
  • Open a Scandinavian office in the Stockholm region and start a strategic co-operation with leading sustainability research centers and consultancy companies located here.


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