The Stockholm region is currently experiencing one of the most intensive building periods in history. There is an increased demand for construction companies, and new markets for suppliers of green products and services. Expertise in sustainable construction and new building methods is also being sought. Increased demand for infrastructure improvement and current investments by government have led to construction of new roads and railways.

Access to growing market

If you have a construction company, set up your business in northern Europe’s fastest growing market. The market is unsaturated, and a generation shift has caused a decline in the numbers of available construction workers.

A number of major infrastructure projects worth up to EUR 3 billion each, including the building of roads and railways will soon be underway. New housing is also planned with more than 100,000 apartments to be built in Stockholm and additional units projected for the region. The total Construction investment until 2030 is expected to amount to EUR 50 billon.

Develop your green business in one of the world’s most environmentally driven markets

Demands for energy efficient building techniques in the Stockholm region mean that companies with green products and techniques have an advanced market to explore for new opportunities.

For companies interested in learning state of the art methods for sustainable construction, current projects in the region offer the opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge. There is extensive expertise in innovative, integrated clean tech solutions to be found in the Stockholm region.

Hundreds of thousands apartments built in the 1960’s are in need of renovation to become more energy efficient.

Unique advantages in brief

Leadership: Best in Europe in sustainable urban development 2010

Experience: Home to the sustainable city Hammarby Sjöstad, Integrated system planning, holistic approach

Market: Great demand for new suppliers

Investment Opportunities

The Stockholm region’s construction market is an attractive location for construction and infrastructure suppliers.

There are many opportunities for subcontractors to enter the market and new construction companies are in demand in most areas of building construction. There are current construction projects in: road works, tunnels, railways, housing and office buildings.


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