Financial Services

Financial Services

Stockholm is the financial center of northern Europe. It boasts a mature and advanced financial market, incorporating the latest innovations in transaction technologies and Internet- enabled applications. Stockholm is home to NASDAQ OMX, a strong and efficient stock market, and has a world-leading private equity industry. Sweden is widely recognized for its political stability, sound economic management and strong, transparent and independent legal and regulatory systems. The Swedish economy is open, competitive and resilient.

Access to the highest density of financial decision makers in Scandinavia

Stockholm is the business hub of Scandinavia. Here you find more financial decision makers and headquarters than in any other city in Scandinavia. Almost fifty percent of Forbes 2000 companies with operations in Scandinavia are located in Stockholm.

Four of the six largest Scandinavian financial groups and many international banks and insurance companies, already use Stockholm as the base for their customer contacts in Scandinavia and northern Europe.

The high density of key financial decision makers, an efficient legal and regulatory system and a competitive and resilient economy make Stockholm an unparalleled place to do business.


World leaders in transaction technology know-how

Stockholm has become a world leader in software for financial markets, thanks to the deregulation of the Swedish financial market in the 1980’s, innovative ICT, and an advanced financial services industry. Eight of Europe’s hottest financial software companies are from Sweden.

Continued deregulation and increased internet penetration have contributed to the development of the financial market. The deregulation of the Swedish national pension schemes has seen a high number of private citizens own and trade securities, and there is a tech savvy retail market.


Cooperate with Europe’s most developed PE and VC industry

 Stockholm is a hot spot for innovation and many of Europe’s fastest growing high-tech companies have their origins in Stockholm. Their successes can to some extent be explained by the close cooperation between them and by their interaction with the highly specialized Swedish private equity and venture capital industry.

The private equity market is a cornerstone of the Stockholm financial market.
The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation lists the Swedish private equity and venture capital industry as one of the most developed in Europe, with more than 140 fund managers and a solid track record of generating returns. Some of the best analysts in northern Europe are found in Stockholm.

There are opportunities for venture capital investments and co-ownership of companies, as well as opportunities for starting new venture capital companies. 


Unique advantages in brief

Leadership: world-leading transaction technologies and internet banking solutions

Experience: long history of e-trading, design and implementation of world's first integrated derivatives trading and clearing system

Innovation: Cutting-edge innovation in Stockholm's ICT cluster 

Market: highest density in Scandinavia of financial decision makers in Stockholm


Investment opportunities

  • Opportunities for direct investment in growing high technology companies in cleantech, ICT and life science markets. Opportunities for syndication with established VC firms.
  • Niche opportunities in retail banking and private banking
  • Potential in corporate and private insurance, including private healthcare


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