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Explore the Stockholm Region

Around Stockholm there are some great places to explore, live and work. Let us introduce you to a few of our favorites.

Prefer living in the countryside, have a hard time finding a place to live in Stockholm, or curious about the greater Stockholm? Then you should check these places out!

West of Stockholm, one hour by train, you'll arrive at Eskilstuna. Meet Milka, who made her move to Eskilstuna from Croatia

Just 20 minutes with public transport from Stockholm you'll find Lidingö. Lidingö is where Mihaela decided to live when she moved to Stockholm from Romania.

If you hop on the train for an hour and a half from Stockholm city center, you'll arrive at Norrköping. Martin decided to settle down here when he made his move from Germany

Heading north, a 50 minutes bus drive from Stockholm, you find Norrtälje. This is where Pahansen de Alwis settled down when moving here from Sri Lanka.

Sandviken is located two hours north of Stockholm. This is where Arco Van Heusden moved some 10 years ago from the Netherlands

Going north west of Stockholm, you will, after about an hour, reach Sala. This is where Paul Nicholls moved from London.

10 minutes from the city center of Stockholm you will find Sundbyberg. Victor Redondo moved here recently from Spain.  

Some 20 minutes from the city center of Stockholm heading south west, you'll reach Södertälje. This is where Jordan made his move to from Australia.

Half an hour north of Stockholm city center you find Vallentuna. This is where Johanna Guo decided to settle down when she moved here from China


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