Expansion & Retention

Preamble :

Invest Stockholm has a unique mandate to assist you in expanding or retaining a successful business – in every corner of the Stockholm region.

How Invest Stockholm can help you through Covid-19

By anticipating your needs and problems we add strategic high-value activities to further grow your presence within our 56 member municipalities (Stockholm Business Alliance). For example, we provide business insights to key decision makers, allocate the right competence on an individual level, and provide you with access to our network.

We can also help to strengthen the case for Sweden if there is a need for revised investment decisions. Our local support includes cost analyses and comparisons with other regions/countries, access to key stakeholders, and location searches in the Stockholm region.

On this page we invite you to explore our latest services provided in close collaboration with our investment promotion partners and municipalities.

New retention strategy – an initiative based on the Covid-19 effects on the economy

Our ambition is to prevent and minimize layoffs and workplace closures among foreign-owned companies within the Stockholm Business Alliance (SBA). This new strategy will be executed in close collaboration with Business Sweden, allowing us to synchronize activities at the local, regional and national level. 

An important part of the strategy involves providing companies with key arguments and information in order to bolster them in decision-making processes aimed at preventing their Swedish sites from downsizing.

We understand the challenges you encounter when growing internationally and are committed to supporting your business.

How we can support you:

1.     Benchmarking analysis specific to your business sector/competitors

2.     Financial solutions and support

3.     Support in building a solid business case for your site in Sweden

4.     Grants & incentives for your business

5.     FoU support

6.     Supply chain support and access to our network/decision makers

Supply chain support

A structured approach, together with our partner Business Sweden, to identify new potential suppliers in Sweden for industrial companies.                     

  • Using Invest Stockholm’s and Business Sweden’s extended network to search for suppliers throughout Sweden
  • Efficient process under the auspices of Sweden’s investment promotion activities
  • Delivery consists of (I) Identification, (II) Screening (initial & detailed), (III) Evaluation and (IV) Handover to client.

We will support you in securing investments for the future, mitigating risks and finding new suppliers.

Do you have sector-specific needs? Find the right person to speak to:


James Butler

Project Manager

Phone: +46 (0) 8 508 280 57

Mobile: +46 (0) 76 122 80 57


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