Stockholm Fintech Ecosystem review

Is your company on the list? 

Hej! We at Invest Stockholm are eager to promote your business in our new Stockholm Fintech Guide 2020, but first we need a few minutes of your time to ensure we have the most up-to-date information. 

While compiling the guide we collected data on active companies from several sources. Our intention is to map these companies into different subcategories to illustrate the rich diversity of the Fintech ecosystem. 

What’s in it for you? 

The report will be distributed worldwide and will help promote your business, completely free of charge. 

Previous reports

Fintech has recently become one of the top three verticals in Stockholm, attracting significant capital investments to Sweden in general and the capital in particular. 

Stockholm Fintech Report 2018 was launched to give a brief introduction to the Swedish Fintech scene, followed by a condensed version of the report as Stockholm Fintech Guide 2018 and Stockholm Fintech Guide 2019  

This year we are collaborating with Michal Gromek, a Fintech expert and one of the authors of the previous reports, to launch the new Stockholm Fintech Guide 2020.  It will feature the latest investment statistics, trends, and changes to the FinTech scene in Sweden. But it will also focus on the key ingredient in our Fintech ecosystem -- the individuals like you who have made it happen! 

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