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Consider a 40-hour workweek, a minimum of five weeks of vacation a year, 480 days of paid parental leave, clean air and nature just around the corner. Add values in the form of flat hierarchies, gender equality and ethnic diversity at work and you get Stockholm: a booming tech scene that is quite unlike any other major startup hub in the world.

With a mission to increase awareness about what Stockholm has to offer in terms of work and quality of life, Invest Stockholm and the Stockholm tech community aim to attract international talent to join one of the fastest growing tech scenes in the world. In the campaign called “Grab a Chair,” Stockholm’s recruiting tech companies urge talents to join their teams while international talents who have already made the move share how Stockholm is good for you.

Campaign material

Company looking for talents? Adapt our job ad template, and join the campaign! Reach out to for info!  
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Journalist interested in more information for an editorial piece on why Stockholm is such a talent magnet, get in touch with for the press kit and introductions to interesting people to talk to.

“There are no hierarchies here,” says Hana Aljoofri, Marketing Manager at Stockholm-based e-payments startup iZettle. “Everyone sits together and you can ask anyone about anything. The openness and transparency I have observed here…it’s the modern way of working. That’s how creative ideas surface.” Read more here.

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