Infrastructure Hotlist

Find selected infrastructure projects in the Stockholm region

This hotlist features a selected list of infrastructure projects with investment opportunities within the Stockholm region. Curated by Invest Stockholm, this hotlist of projects is updated continuously so stay tuned.

  • Expansion of the light railway Roslagsbanan - Roslagsbanan is a light rail track railway in the northeastern part of Stockholm County. The plan is to expand Roslagsbanan from Östra station (the Eastern station) by the Royal technological institute to the central station. The plans are in an early stage and the finance are currently being negotiated.

    Contracting authority: Stockholm County Council (SLL)

  • Expansion of the Stockholm Arlanda Airport - Expansion and modernization of Sweden’s largest airport, Arlanda Airport Development starts with rebuilding terminal 5. After terminal 5, terminal 2 will be rebuilt with two new piers. By the year 2040 it is calculated that 35 million travelers a year will pass through Arlanda.

    The work of rebuilding Arlanda Airport is still on a early planning stage. Contracting party: Swedavia (a Swedish limited liability company)

  • Expansion of the Stockholm Metro - Expansion of the Stockholm metro system will bring four new routes and 20 kilometers of new metro. Construction is scheduled to start in year 2018/2019 and by year 2025/2028 the new metro will be completed. An even further expansion of Stockholm metro is currently being negotiated.

    Constructing authority: Stockholm County Council´s Extended Metro Administration.

  • Rebuilding Slussen - Rebuilding Slussen, an interchange built in 1930´s in the heart of Stockholm Construction of the new Slussen is one of Sweden’s largest urban transformation projects in terms of scope, technical challenges and budget. New infrastructural solutions for trains, metro, busses, cars, bicykles and pedestrians. New meeting places such as restaurants and squares.

    The City of Stockholm must now procure 40 in total and 25 major building, structural and civil engineering contract works. Contracting authority: The city of Stockholm. The contracts will be procured as performance contracts and design and construct contracts in line with the administrative and technical standard documents jointly used by the industry. The Slussen Project will invite cooperation in all construction contracts.

  • Residential area Västra Rosersberg - Development of western Rosersberg in Sigtuna municipality 30 minutes from central Stockholm. Approximately 6 000 – 7 000 homes in different forms of tenure. The vision states that Rosersberg should develop to become a sustainable and verdant town where everything is close by.

    Contracting authority: Sigtuna municipality

  • Stockholm Bypass - The Stockholm bypass – Förbifart Stockholm – is a new route for the European highway (E4) past the Swedish capital. Stockholm bypass will connect the southern and northern parts of the Stockholm County and will be 21 kilometres long, of which 18 kilometres will be under ground.

    Contracting authority: Swedish transport administration (Trafikverket) Value of contracts will range between 500 - 3000 million SEK.

  • The East Coast Line - The project will amount to 220 kilometres of railway. The East coast Line will cut travel time between Sundsvall and Stockholm to about 2 hours.

    Contracting authority: Swedish transport administration (Trafikverket)

  • The Eastern Link - a new generation of high speed railway in Sweden with 150 kilometres of high speed railway, 200 bridges and 20 kilometres of tunnels. It will cut the travel time between Stockholm and Linköping down to 1hr aand Stockholm - Copenhagen down to 3hr.

    All construction contracts remains and are to be procured between the years of 2019-2021. Contracting authority: Swedish transport administration (Trafikverket). Value of contracts will range between 300 - 5000 million SEK The contracts will be procured booth as performance contracts and design and construct contracts

    Website of Swedish transport administration
  • The Mälaren Line - Expansion of the Mälaren Line will improve the infrastructural network towards the northwest parts of Stockholm. The expansion include two more tracks between the stations Tomteboda and Kallhäll, resulting in more departures and better punctuality. The expansion will enable the northwest parts of Stockholm to grow and become even more attractive in the future.

    Construction of the route between Tomteboda and Kalhäll is scheduled to begin earliest in year 2020. Construction will take approximately 8 years. Contracting authority: Swedish transport administration (Trafikverket)

  • Tramway South - The tramway, Spårväg Syd, is an infrastructural project in an early phase of planning. Communications in south west Stockholm are somewhat limited and Spårväg Syd is aiming at this problem. Spårväg Syd will tie together Flemingsberg with Masmo, Kungens kurva, Skärholmen, Fruängen and Älvsjö.

    Contracting authority: Stockholm County Council (SLL)