Cleantech in Stockholm

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A pioneer of clean and green

Stockholm is one of the world’s leading tech startup cities and one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. Add the region’s tradition of tackling environmental issues and the fact that Stockholm is decreasing emissions at the same time, and you get the foundation for one of Europe’s most vibrant cleantech clusters.

The reasons behind the success of the Stockholm cleantech sector are often cited as: integrated and holistic city planning, close ties between public institutions and private enterprise in combination with stringent regulation. An example of the latter is Stockholm’s official target to make the region CO2 free by 2040. This drives a dynamic market for alternative fuels and renewable energy. Stockholm is where tech meets sustainability – and the city manages to grow its GDP and decrease emissions at the same time. 

Janey Mehks

Janey Mehks

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Key Investment Opportunities

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Stockholm Royal Seaport

Among many other cleantech innovations, Stockholm Royal Seaport will be the first city district in the world to feature full-scale smart grids, provided by the power and automation company ABB, in collaboration with energy company Fortum. The new district is of course open to potential foreign capital, technologies and know-how.


Grow Smarter

GrowSmarter brings together cities and industry to integrate and demonstrate ‘12 smart city solutions’ in energy, infrastructure and transport, to provide other cities with valuable insights on how they work in practice and opportunities for replication. In Stockholm the 12 smart solutions are demonstrated in Årsta och the meatpacking district.



New Slussen will be one of Stockholm’s most attractive places to meet, with new market squares and a city park. More space will be created for public transport as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Rebuilding Slussen is also a vital issue for the entire region surrounding Lake Mälaren.


Hammarby Sjöstad

Stockholm’s much-publicised sustainable city concept, Hammarby Sjöstad, has become a role model for urban development projects all around the world. The citizen’s initiative HS2020 mobilizes resources from across society and engages businesses to further develop this green city district.


The Swedish Water Innovation Center

The Swedish Water Innovation Center is a platform for development and exchange of knowledge and technologies in water treatment, and related environmental technology that promotes cooperation among companies, experts, researchers and municipal sewage works.



The industrial district of Högdalen is a new centre for clean energy technology built around Fortum’s CHP plant – one of the most modern in Europe. The aim is to attract domestic and international businesses that are at the forefront of cleantech. Both local and international venture capitalists are present, as well as incubators for innovative startups.

Hammarby Sjöstad is one of the world's highest profile examples of Sustainable City Development.
The Economist
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    A recycled city

    In Stockholm 98% of household waste is recycled.

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    Europe´s greenest capital

    Stockholm was the first city ever to be designated the European Green Capital in 2010.

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    Carbon dioxide free by 2040

    The vision for Stockholm is to become a fossil fuel free city by 2040.