Photo: Maria Landhall/Bahnhof AB
Photo: Maria Landhall/Bahnhof AB

Data centers in the Stockholm Region

Preamble :

Why Stockholm is an attractive choice for data centers

Accessible, sustainable and energy-efficient -- these are just some of the qualities that have made Stockholm and the surrounding region a hotspot for international data centers.

Multiple factors combine to make Stockholm the ideal location for data centers:

  • Fossil-free energy
  • Reliable electricity grids
  • The EU’s lowest energy costs
  • Fast connectivity, low latency
  • Speed to market
  • The Nordic region’s main business and finance hub
  • Mature tech ecosystem

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Sweden is an attractive market; it is cost-efficient thanks to low energy prices, and it’s politically and financially stable. Plus the climate here helps in reducing our impact on the environment when we cool our data centres.
Maria Sundvall, Managing Director, Equinix Sweden

Stockholm Data Parks

A partnership comprising the City of Stockholm, Invest Stockholm, Stockholm Exergi, Ellevio and Stokab.

The initiative seeks to help large data centers maximize cost efficiency and sustainability with low cost renewable electricity and paid-for heat recovery which is then distributed to Stockholm’s heating system. The long-term objective is to supply 10 percent of the city’s residential heating demand through recovered excess heat from data centers which will help the City become fossil fuel free by 2040.

Stockholm Data Parks recently announced three new investments: Interxion-A Digital Realty Company, Advania Data Centers and IP-Only. More examples of companies already supplying excess heat to Stockholm Exergi are Ericsson and Bahnhof.

Stockholm Exergi has been promoting heat recovery since 1979, with IBM’s data center as the first supplier of excess heat. Starting 2012, the work was intensified and a heat recovery offering named Open District Heating was launched. Today, there are some 30+ companies connected to the system.

Find more information on the Stockholm Data Parks website

Cover photo: Bahnhof's data center in central Stockholm