Fintech in Stockholm

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At the helm of the global fintech landscape

Stockholm's position in the fintech scene is a reflection of the coming together of a number of factors. Be it a market which encourages a global reach, a hotbed of talent, a tech-savvy end user market or a supportive infrastructural and regulatory framework, Stockholm has it all.

Stockholm is home to one of the largest and best-known fintech scenes in Europe. It is comprised of banks, startups, scaleups, investors, legal advisors, management consultants and many others. We have 114 banks of various size and specialization, and nearly 400 fintech companies. 

Our rise to tech prominence has matured over decades and interest in fintech in Sweden in general, and Stockholm in particular, shows few signs of slowing down. To put it into perspective, here are just a few of the many recent highlights (read more in the Stockholm FinTech Guide below):

  • 2019 saw record-high fintech funding for Stockholm-based companies, with a €894 million total accounting for nearly all fintech investments in Sweden; fintech investments in Stockholm made up 78% of the Nordic total
  • Stockholm ranks 3rd in Europe after London and Berlin for total fintech investments, based on the 3-year average from 2017-2019
  • Klarna's latest fuding round valued the Stockholm fintech unicorn at $10.6 billion, making it Europe’s most valuable privately-owned fintech startup
  • the Bank of International Settlements announced plans to establishest an innovation hub in Stockholm
  • 80% of Sweden's 381 fintech companies are incorporated in Stockholm

Widespread adoption of digital financial services in Sweden goes hand in hand with both public and private support for a growing fintech ecosystem. Get in touch and let us help you get connected!


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