FinTech in Stockholm

At the helm of the global FinTech landscape

Stockholm is ranked as the leading Nordic financial center, with strengths in such areas as innovation, technology, and with the headquarters of major Nordic banks and the largest stock exchange.

Stockholm's position in the FinTech scene is a reflection of the coming together of a number of factors. Be it a market which encourages a global reach, a hotbed of talent, a tech-savvy end user market or a supportive infrastructural and regulatory framework, Stockholm has it all.

Recent developments including Sveriges Riksbank, the country’s central bank contemplating the launch of the e-krona or the land registry, Lantmäteriet in the process of adopting a blockchain backed property title process, reflect the country’s preparedness to change. The e-krona, for example, is envisioned as a potential counteract to some of the problems that could arise on the payment market in the future when the use of cash is rapidly declining. This adaptability and strive to be ‘a step ahead’ is what puts us at the forefront of technological change.

And while success stories defining this lead are plenty, what distinguishes Stockholm is the celebration of a community which facilitates an ecosystem that breeds the spirit of sharing. Get in touch and let us help you get connected!

Jenny Berthling

Business Development Manager

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