Hospitality in Stockholm

More visitors calls for more hotel rooms

Stockholm is one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, with 2.3 million inhabitants in Stockholm County, 950,000 of whom live in the City of Stockholm. With more than 14 million commercial guest nights for all types of establishment in 2017, Stockholm ranks 12th among European cities.

Stockholm is Sweden’s growth engine for both business and private travellers and the number of guest nights in the county has increased for 10 consecutive years. 2017 was a record year. The City of Stockholm added 1,840 new rooms, which was a 7.6 percent increase on the previous year.

There are currently 172 hotels and almost 22.800 rooms in the city of Stockholm. Over the next five years a further 4,900 rooms will be added to the hotel market in the county, 1,200 of which will be in the City of Stockholm. The county’s supply of rooms is forecast to increase by more than 1,000 rooms a year up until 2022.

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