Life Science in Stockholm

The most creative life science hub in Europe

If you’re looking for promising commercial life science projects or cross-disciplinary research partnerships, you need to look at the Stockholm-Uppsala region. It is Scandinavia’s leading life science cluster and one of the world’s most productive. 

On average, an astounding 15-20 new life science companies were formed in the region each year during the last decade. The close ties between industry, academia, society and healthcare ease the development of ideas into commercially viable products. Five of Europe’s finest academic institutions, among them Karolinska Institutet, home of the Nobel assembly, play their part too. Add the large medical databases and the basic principle in Sweden that the individual researcher owns the result of his or her research and you get the perfect conditions for new and profitable ventures. Our advice is to get in early!

Ylva Hultman-Erlandsson

Business Development Manager

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Key Investment Opportunities

  • Health tech

    In Stockholm, the most creative minds from health care, life sciences, ICT and gaming are shaping a new generation of digital solutions with the potential to transform health care on a global scale. The needs are enormous and Stockholm is the hub for health tech innovations.

  • Science for Life Laboratory

    The aim of SciLifeLab is to be an internationally leading centre that develops and provides access to advanced technologies for molecular biosciences. The centre has played an important part in significant breakthroughs, such as the so-called Human Protein Atlas.

  • Neuroscience

    Stockholm-Uppsala's neuroscience focus covers a broad spectrum of research with hundreds of scientists working on promising projects. Among them the Karolinska Institute’s Bengt Winblad who has been ranked as the world’s most prolific researcher in the Alzheimer field.

  • Stem cell

    Research with all types of stem cells has been possible in Sweden since 2002 thanks to legislation that strongly promotes science and development. A large part of this research takes place in the Stockholm-Uppsala region, which has now reached a critical mass of researchers and tech companies. 

  • Metabolic Diseases

    The majority of the initiatives in the metabolic diseases field in the Stockholm-Uppsala region are directed towards diabetes, and in some cases obesity. Examples of on-going projects are the development of a diabetes vaccine and transplantation of insulin producing cells.

  • Cancer

    Karolinska Institutet is ranked as number one in Europe when it comes to cancer research and all the top 20 pharmaceutical companies are investing in the region. Major improvements in the treatment of breast cancer are among the recent successes. 

  • Investment opportunities in digital health

    One fourth of the investable companies on the Life Science Hotlist represents the digital health sector. 

  • Innovation that saves lives

    The Pacemaker, a medical device that uses electrical impulses to regulate the beating of the heart, was invented in Stockholm in 1958. 

  • One of the largest stem cell banks

    Stockholm has one of the world´s largest stem cell banks, consisting of 70 stem cell lines. 

Åsa Andersson, Ph.D.

Consultant/ Medical advisor

Life Science

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