Tech/ICT in Stockholm

A breeding ground for tech billionaires

Stockholm is home to one of Europe’s most important tech communities and some of its fastest growing startups. The region has a strong engineering heritage where entrepreneurs think globally from day one and benefit from tech infrastructure investments. Add a population of tech-savvy early adopters and you get a perfect test market for new ICT products and services.

Stockholm’s tech scene has developed over decades into what today is a world-class, mature startup hub. Good technical and business schools, a critical mass of people eager to start their own businesses, events and meet-ups, co-working spaces, a supportive government, angel investors and VCs, the talent needed to turn ideas into viable businesses – it’s all in place and working in favor of the region’s entrepreneurs. Another success factor often cited is the fact that Stockholm’s start-ups can call on a number of industry veterans for advice on how to scale a high-growth Internet business.

Jenny Berthling

Business Development Manager

Phone: +46 (0)8-508 28 008

Mobile: +46 (0)7047 28 008

Key investment opportunities

  • Six unicorns

    Stockholm has six billion dollar startups. This means most numbers of unicorns per capita in the world after Silicon Valley. 

  • A tech hub

    Stockholm is home to world-leading clusters within Mobile, Game development, Fintech, E-Commerce, Online Gaming and Music/Media tech.

  • Highest share of billion dollar exits in Europe

    The Nordic countries accounts for 53 % of European billion dollar exits.