Find a home

Find a home

As one of the hottest tech hubs in the world and the fastest-growing city in Europe, Stockholm's housing market is quite competitive. Browse our guide to find a home for yourself or to find a home for your recruits.

Find out how to best tackle the challenge to find a home here, for yourself or for your co-workers and recruits.


Find a place to live for yourself

Looking for a place to live as an individual or a family? Look no further, we have a guide for you with many hands-on tips to sort it all out. Check out our Move to Stockholm Housing guide.


Find a place to live for your co-workers and recruits

Looking for housing for your co-workers and recruits? There are a number of short-term and long-term corporate apartment rental solutions available to you in Stockholm. Please note that the lease needs to be contracted by a registered company.

Beautiful Apartments

Biz Apartment

Corporate Apartments



Part-time Home

Red Apple Apartments

Scandic Hotels (extended stays)


Stockholm Hotel Apartments Bromma

Time Hotel Stockholm (extended stays)


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