We have listed organisations dedicated to helping companies implement values and principles of A Woman's Place.

Add Gender AB was founded in 2008 and is a creative analysis and advisory company.

Our role is to interpret our time, understand the context and help others to understand the same. We want to help our clients to create added value for their businesses through our competence and our ambitions.

That is why we at Add Gender are norm engineers. We build bridges between gender theory and strategic improvement. We interpret and reconstruct norms based on the company business idea, client segment, and co-workers. This way we build more inclusive workplaces, strong brands, and sustainable business models.

Add Gender

analysis and advisory of gender theory and strategic improvement

Jessica Areborn

Phone: 073-622 6979

AllBright is a politically-independent, non-profit foundation that promotes equality and diversity on the executive business level in Sweden.

We work actively to influence decision-makers in the business sector to work consciously and purposefully to increase the proportion of women in senior positions.

We continually identify the gender balance of business management teams and boards of directors to highlight the issue of representation. We also educate companies in gender equality, diversity and inclusion. AllBright aims to shift the debate from discussing problems to delivering solutions.


gender equality, diversity and inclusion

Niklas Uppenberg

Phone: 073-526 24 95

Founder and CEO of a change-agency called Demokrateam - because we are a team devoted to work for democracy.

Our business is diversity and inclusion. We operate as "diversity firm", helping our clients to implement change and become more diverse and equal. We want to help our partners to make change and business.

An entrepreneur with a social agenda that performs public speaking, holds lectures and facilitates change.


diversity firm

Barakat Ghebrehawariat

Phone: 0739716410

EQUALATE is a highly specialized company with many years of knowledge from the areas of gender mainstreaming, equality and diversity.

We have supported the public and private sector since 2009 and have expertise in areas such as equal treatment, discrimination, and inclusion. We facilitate training, process management and make your policies and the law of discrimination to come alive in your organisation. We support you with tools and successful strategies and motivate you to take part in making diversity and inclusion.

EQUALATE has been price rewarded several times for their work with gender equality.


gender mainstreaming, equality and diversity

Johanna Lundin, CEO, gender expert

Phone: +46 702 819 914

We live up to our name; Make Equal are solution focused equality experts, who promote equality work using practical methods and tools to do so.

We offer customized lectures, training and workshops to businesses, companies, and organisations who want to engage practically with equality.

Make Equal

solution focused equality experts

Kim Hof

Phone: 076-595 03 38

NORMACT has since 2006 (previously under the name Jämställdhetsbolaget) worked with education, process and project management in organisations within the private, public and nonprofit sector.

Our scope of practice includes:
Our practices reside from a norm critic and intersectional perspective. We have 10 years experience in educating, process managing and project managing organisations in their internal as well as external work for equality and diversity.
Our work with stress management in group form is based on ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy).


norm critical, diversity and equal opportunity

Pernilla Lovén

Phone: 070-749 1890

Rättviseförmedlingen is a non-profit foundation that focuses on gender equality, diversity and representation. Our vision is an equal and diverse society, where people can make it regardless of their gender, background or network, for example.

With the help of strategic communication in social media, we make social change happen. Together with our 135 000 followers on social media platforms we crowdsource to help companies, organizations and media find competent people from underrepresented groups in order to create more diverse contexts such as conferences, panels and seminars, in fields ranging from sustainability and leadership to music production and foreign policy, just to name a few examples.

Suitable mainly for those in managerial positions and/or who are involved in recruiting.


recruitment, communication and equal work environment

Maria-Pia Cabero, Head of education