A Woman's Place Podcast - How to bring a gender equality policy to life

A Woman's Place podcast is produced by The Local in partnership with Invest Stockholm.

In the second episode of A Woman's Place season two, The Local's Sophie Miskiw interviews Johanna Lundin, CEO and founder of Equalate, a Stockholm-based consultancy service dedicated to developing equality, diversity and inclusion within organisations.

"When we start asking questions, doing surveys, working in cases, often we see the same pattern and that is that women and trans people still have less power and value in workplaces.”

Johanna explains why all businesses should have a gender equality policy in place and, once they do, how they can implement it. She offers solutions that help companies get a fuller picture of gender equality in their workplaces and practical steps they can take to make all employees feel safe, valued and able to succeed.

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The original music at the start and end of the podcast is called Lions and was composed by the all-female Stockholm-based band REIGN. Check them out on Instagram.