A Woman's Place Podcast - How to increase female representation in leadership positions

A Woman's Place podcast is produced by The Local in partnership with Invest Stockholm.

Season two of A Woman's Place kicks off with The Local's Sophie Miskiw meeting Jennifer Råsten, training strategist at AllBright Foundation, a politically-independent, non-profit foundation that promotes equality and diversity on the management level in Sweden.

  • Photo: Folio Images at The Park
    Photo: Folio Images at The Park

"Most of the organisations we at AllBright meet want to talk about, 'How do we find, hire and keep women?'. And they don't see how the recruitment process or promotion process is biased." 

Jennifer regularly meets with companies that want to increase female representation on their leadership teams, many of them unaware that the issue is more deeply rooted than they realised. She highlights the many benefits of diverse management teams and offers advice to companies that are keen to get more women into leadership positions.

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The original music at the start and end of the podcast is called Lions and was composed by the all-female Stockholm-based band REIGN. Check them out on Instagram.