Seminar - Recruiting with greater diversity

April 5th 9-11 AM, Invest Stockholm, Drottninggatan 33

This is a seminar by Rättviseförmedlingen on representation, gender equality and diversity - a closer look at the profits of increased gender equality and diversity and the risks of a lack of diversity. 

The focus of the seminar is how to avoid recruiting based on your gut feeling and how to find strategies to avoid being influenced by unconscious bias and stereotypes. Rättviseförmedlingen will present their best tips for an inclusive recruitment process. A process that focuses on competence and ensures equal treatment every step of the way – so that you can create greater diversity in your own organization.

Suitable mainly for those in managerial positions and/or who are involved in recruiting.

About Rättviseförmedlingen

Rättviseförmedlingen is a non-profit foundation that focuses on gender equality, diversity and representation. Our vision is an equal and diverse society, where people can make it regardless of their gender, background or network, for example.

With the help of strategic communication in social media, we make social change happen. Together with our 135 000 followers on social media platforms we crowdsource to help companies, organizations and media find competent people from underrepresented groups in order to create more diverse contexts such as conferences, panels and seminars, in fields ranging from sustainability and leadership to music production and foreign policy, just to name a few examples.

Rättviseförmedlingen’s equality and diversity work is constructive and hands on. In addition to engaging people in social media with an interest in gender equality and diversity, we have accumulated years of experience of how to successfully implement diversity work. We train editors, management teams, human resources departments and many others in matters of diversity, media representation, including recruitment and strategies for equality work. Our focus is always on finding solutions and presenting methods that are doable and that can be practiced at a cultural, strategic and operational level. 

Our fields of expertise are inclusive recruitment and communication as well as best practices for a more diverse and equal work environment. 

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