Seminar - Inclusive and norm-creative external communication

August 29th 8-10 AM, Scandic Haymarket, Stockholm

This seminar will teach the foundations of inclusive language and norm-critical imagery. It will also showcase how you can work norm creatively with social and digital tools with inspirational examples from Make Equal’s successful campaigns such as #fattanu, #tweeq, #twitterklänning, #skitikön, #killmiddag, #ochjagprotesterade and #alltviintepratarom.

About the speakers

Armina Etminan, Make Equal, is a lecturer with extensive experience working with companies to create equality and inclusion. Kristina Wicksell is a communications specialist who has created campaigns that reached millions of people.


Make Equal has led campaigns across hundreds of different countries and reached over 100 million people. They are solution focused equality experts, who promote equality work using practical methods and tools to do so. Make Equal offer customized lectures, training and workshops to businesses and organisations who want to engage practically with equality.

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