Why are so many brilliant minds in Stockholm today?

During this week the likes of Usher, DR. Mehmet Oz, Barbara Bush, Jessie Williams, Denis McDonough, Jacob Wallenberg, Shane Smith, and many more will be visiting the same event to collaborate in making the world a better place.

Brilliant Minds

For the fourth consecutive year, Brilliant Minds, a star-studded two-day leadership summit will be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. This event aims to be the platform of a global community and a movement shaping the future by challenging the present.

"No other event platform out there brings such incredibly different people together in such an authentic way to scale our voices and values in unison."

Brilliant Minds

Why Stockholm?

Natalia Brzezinski, CEO of Brilliant Minds, made her move from Washington D.C to Stockholm back in 2011 when her husband was serving as the US ambassador in Sweden. This is the year her love affair with Sweden started. "Sweden is the one place in the world where both men and women are empowered equally to succeed.", she says.

"Stockholm is widely seen as an innovation hub, and I believe one of the reasons is the gender quality and family values that Swedes bring in to the workplace. The creativity of the Swedish parent is unparalleled. As a mother, I am thankful today to work with Swedes who appreciate my entire identity and give me room to have it all.”

Stockholm is recognized for its innovations, tech scene, gender equality, green living, collaborative and sustainable business models, and from that, we have formulated a new model of creativity, one that is sustainable and exponential.

“Thanks to Sweden, today, my husband chaperones school field trips and organizes my daughter’s dentist appointments. We do not look at family tasks anymore with a “gender lens” but with a pragmatic one. We both work and travel, and we get things done for our family, with no ego and certainly no questions of whether he is “man enough” or I am “mommy enough.”. This is because we came together as a family in Sweden.”

"We believe the future starts in Stockholm and we shine our light on it through Brilliant Minds."

As stated on the Brilliant Minds website, Stockholm has germinated a profoundly future-oriented business model based on trust, empowerment, and safety. Swedes innovate because they can; because the government and society is built on the principle of empowering both men and women with all the tools they need to succeed and to feel safe.

These values are presumably carried on through generations to form the future of innovative thought leadership. “Raising a daughter in Sweden was the greatest gift. My daughter doesn’t see traditional gender roles, gender identity is fluid and empowering for her, and that’s entirely because she grew up in Stockholm where being a woman meant being seen, respected and valued.", Brzezinski continues.

The people behind this initiative hope to “scale Swedish values” to make the world more innovative and open. "We believe the future starts in Stockholm and we shine our light on it through Brilliant Minds."