Photo: Melker Dahlstrand/
Photo: Melker Dahlstrand/

Curation throwback: Stockholm tech firms start working from home

Every week we invite a new Stockholm-based company to host our Move to Stockholm Twitter account. In the first of a new series of regular round-ups, we take a quick step back in time to early March 2020, when firms in Stockholm first started asking staff to work from home due to Covid-19.

Fishbrain steps ashore... and goes home

From the moment the fine folks behind the sustainability-focused Fishbrain app took over the Move to Stockholm Twitter account we were hooked. The brains behind the world's most popular community-based angling platform let us board their boat and enjoy the views.

It feels like an age ago now but this was also the week in which big tech companies in Stockholm started asking employees to work from home to help curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Those of us forutunate enough to be able to work remotely packed up our laptops and chargers and decamped to our kitchens and living room. Thanks to several Fishbrain tweets, including this one from Tim Sneed, we also learned that a lot of dogs were switching offices.

Inside Truecaller's conference calls 

It was a similar story over at Truecaller. But the cats, being cats, had never bothered to go to the office in the first place. And nobody was quite sure what they felt about their owners spending more time at home. 

Truecaller, a massively effective phone spam exterminator, has blazed like a comet on the Stockholm tech scene in recent years and is close to becoming the city's ninth unicorn (after Skype, Spotify, Lendo, Klarna, iZettle, King, MySQL, and Paradox Interactive. Source: European Tech Report 2019 by Atomico).

Although Truecaller's biggest market is in India, the company remains headquartered in Stockholm. Srinivasan, a software engineer, pointed to the city's tech prowess as a reason for his move here. 

As Truecaller's week at the helm neared its close we were offered a glimpse of the sort of nine-screen conference call that has become such a staple of daily working life in a very short time. 

Work-from-home tips from FundedByMe

Crowdfunding platform FundedByMe took the reins in early April. We were all still getting our heads around home working and co-founder Arno Smit had some great tips. 

The company was also quick to react to the fast-moving Covid-19 situation, putting in place a framework to support local businesses.

And then suddenly it was that time of year when the witches go trick or treating. (Our friends at Visit Stockholm can explain!)


Thanks for reading! Tune back in next week as we review the post-Easter curation sessions by Homer, GetBrick and Netlight, three companies that have continued hiring while the world comes to terms with Covid-19.

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