The Entrepreneur's Guide Stockholm

The Entrepreneur's Guide Stockholm

Building on a long tradition of innovation and a dynamic tech ecosystem, Stockholm is home to many unicorns (startup companies valued at USD 1 billion), including Spotify, Klarna, Skype, Mojang, King, iZettle. The city is a gateway to the other Nordic countries and an ideal hub for pan-European operations.

Access to top-notch investors, connectivity, stability and infrastructure all make the Stockholm Region a great place to start or expand a business. The largest capital in the Nordics by size and population, Stockholm is also the region's financial centre, home to the largest stock exchange in the Nordics. Swedes are also top-ranked when it comes to speaking English, a major plus when doing business on a global scale.

Our step-by-step Entrepreneur's Guide will help you navigate the necessary procedures to register both yourself and your company, as well as providing information to help you grow your business.

Before you move to Stockholm

In our Talent Guide you will find key information and listings of things to consider before your arrival, on your arrival and during your stay in the Stockholm Region.

Expanding or relocating an existing business in Stockholm

Invest Stockholm can provide advice and practical assistance, free of charge. Invest Stockholm can among other things assist you with getting in touch with firms specialized in relocation services, accounting, audit, law, events, PR and influencers, as well as property owners and real estate consultants.

Starting a business

So you have decided to start a business in Stockholm. Welcome! Our step-by-step guide will help you navigate through the necessary procedures to register both yourself and your business, and provide information on residence and work permits as well as an overview of the various administrations and organisations you will need to get in contact with.

Turn your idea into a business

You have that unique business idea: fantastic! To evaluate whether that idea is unique and scalable enough to turn into a business, you have a number of options, from advisory services, to incubators and accelerators. The best of it all is that many of these services are available free of charge.

Find a home

As one of the hottest tech hubs in the world and the fastest-growing city in Europe, Stockholm's housing market is quite competitive. Find out how to best tackle the challenge to find a home, for yourself or for your co-workers and recruits.

Find the perfect office or co-working space

Stockholm offers a great variety of office space types, including hot desks in open plan offices, co-working spaces or flexible office spaces. Membership types and included services will vary between operators, but also depending on location, target group, office size and the attractiveness of the space. Many of the city's cafés and hotel lounges also welcome nomadic workers.

Fund your business

If time has come to borrow or raise capital from external organisations and investors, Stockholm offers a vast variety of options, from small business loans, scholarships and grants to large venture capital rounds. We have listed the main organisations and investors you can turn to in order to raise funding for your business.

Build your dream team

Looking for a co-founder, employee number two, a whole team of talents or a specialist for hire? We have put together a list of the main platforms, companies and organisations that can assist you in your search.

Build your network and showcase your business

Stockholm's vibrant startup scene offers many possibilities for aspiring and established entrepreneurs to meet up, mingle, learn and explore new possibilities together. These are just as many possibilities to make your business visible to peers, investors, and future recruits.

Facts about Stockholm's fastest growing industries

Which industries are growing in Stockholm? Where are the main opportunities? Browse our guide to discover valuable facts and reports about some of Stockholm's leading industries, including ICT, Retail, Fintech, life sciences and more.

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