The Talent Guide

Education and language training

Education is a great way to engage in the city’s cultural and social life and meet new people. Here are som useful links.

Learn Swedish
SFI (Swedish for immigrants) provides basic knowledge of Swedish and knowledge about Swedish society. After completing the course you will receive diplomas or certificates. All instruction is free. Also see SIFA (Stockholm Intense Swedish for Academics). In addition, there are private initiatives that offer language courses like Grow InternationalsBee Swedish and Swedish for Professionals. Swedish for Professionals also created a useful app which allows you to play a game and learn the articles of the Swedish nouns.

Stockholm Academic Forum
Staf, Stockholm Academic Forum, lists 18 Stockholm universities and higher education institutions in the Stockholm region.

Non-formal adult education
Adult educational associations play an important role in the tradition of "folkbildning". "Folk" means people and "bildning" means learning. The nature of this kind of adult education is that it is non-formal, free from government control and, of course, voluntary.

Several adult educational associations ("studieförbund" in Swedish) offer a broad range of courses and study circles in various practical and theoretical areas. Besides the joy of learning something new, these courses provide good opportunities for spouses, and sometimes children, to engage in the Swedish cultural and social life and to meet Swedes.

Most courses are in Swedish, but those with a more practical approach surely do not require extensive language knowledge. Furthermore, there are some combined practical and foreign language courses (e.g. French cooking in French), which could be suitable for people with some knowledge of the language of instruction.

The courses are usually offered during daytime or evenings and for a moderate cost. Examples of courses include dance, photography, music, history, health and fitness.

Links to adult educational associations
Click on the links below to receive more information about each study association. Most web pages are in Swedish, but by contacting the association, information can most likely be given in English (at least).

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan

Language Exchange - Stockholm
The aim of Language Exchange – Stockholm is to improve conversational language level and ability. They have regular meetings set up for Swedish, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese and more languages to come. Thanks to volunteers who give up their time to help, the group has become a wonderful language exchange.