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Many expats choose to join networks based on their interests or profession. This is a good way to make friends from Sweden and meet people that already live in Stockholm. allows you to find networks and events based on your location and interest, and there are numerous groups to join for almost any hobby or area of interest. Below are some other opportunities where you can meet new friends and grow your network.

United Invitations is a non-governmental and not-for-profit network that is all about food, language and social interaction. It's about making memorable meals and new dinner constellations happen. The meals take place with no strings attached between native Swedes and people who has moved here from a different country. You can either choose to be a guest or host a dinner yourself.

InterNations is the first international community for all people living and working abroad. Their website unites more than 1 million expats and global minds in all countries around the world. In addition to networking online, members meet up at local get-togethers around the globe, specifically geared towards the foreign community in town.

Grow Internationals offers post - relocation support and services to companies and organizations with international talents in Sweden.

The Newbie Guide is a community of people who feel devoted towards the idea of creating a guide for all those brave ones who come to Sweden every year to start a life here. They offer guidance and give you the opportunity to connect with other Newbies and Oldbies.

The Stockholm Expat Meetup Group is an inclusive expat group where all are welcome, even Swedes. The group organizes regular meetups and is all about the following key words “Social”, “Meeting New People”, “Expat” and “Language & Culture”.

Fryday is an international network of cosmopolitan professionals active in over 20 countries around the world. Fryday offers networking opportunities in a truly international environment. To get updates about upcoming events in Stockholm, please visit their page on Facebook

The Stockholm International Parents Meetup Group aims to create a supportive community for parents and children and offer opportunities to get together. It’s a group where expat moms and dads can share experiences of living in Stockholm with small children. Events include coffee mornings, picnics, play sessions and kids activities. is an exchange network dedicated to life abroad. Their tagline is “The living abroad website, by expats, for expats”, a website where expats can organize their move, share experiences and meet people.

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Connect with the startup community
If you want to connect with the vibrant startup scene in Stockholm, find out about the networks, organisations and coworking spaces here.