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Open a bank account

If you plan to stay for a longer period of time, we recommend that you get a bank account. Please remember that most banks will ask you for a personal identity number to open a bank account.

Some banks may even ask you to bring along a Swedish citizen to verify your identity. However, according to the law on deposit insurance (lag (1995:1571) om insättningsgaranti 11§b), most banks have an obligation to allow you to open a bank account, unless there are specific reasons against it, as long as you can identify yourself. 

If you want to make opening a bank account a smooth process, bring your passport, a certificate or letter of acceptance/employment from your employer, the document from the Tax Agency that confirms your social security number (personbevis) and your tenancy agreement to confirm your address in Sweden. Should you still have a problem, we recommend that you contact Solvit to get help.

When you open a bank account you can get a debit card and Internet and telephone services linked to the account. The best and cheapest way to pay bills is through the bank's payment service, which is also available online. Banks are generally open between 10.00 and 15.00, some up until 18.00.

If you will stay for a shorter period, perhaps only a few months, we recommend that you keep your account in your current bank, as Swedish banks may be hesitant to open one for you. We recommend you to contact those that will manage your salary payments in good time and provide the information they need – to make sure that you receive your salary to your own account in your home country. Please note that foreign checks usually take a long time to process and you pay extra for processing fees. Once in Sweden, you can use your international pay card in any store, bank and cash machines/ATM’s. Please be aware that not all banks carry cash anymore.

Major Swedish banks
Below are links to information in English from four major Swedish banks. Please take time to read what the bank needs from you to open an account, as it depends on whether you have a Swedish personal identification number or not.


International banks with personal banking services in Stockholm
Bank of China 
Bank Norwegian 
Danske Bank 
Deutsche Bank
Banco Santander

Paying bills without a Swedish bank account
If you don’t have a bank account in Sweden but need to pay a bill, you can take your bill to a Forex Bank. You pay a fee for them to handle the payment. Forex is located in many places around Stockholm; for more information, see their website. Please be aware that many banks in Sweden no longer handle cash.

More useful financial information.