10 new companies on the Stockholm Cleantech Hotlist

Published January 2016 in collaboration between Invest Stockholm and The Swedish Wire.

Last year, a unique "hotlist" of green technology companies was created in a move to make it easier for foreign investors to find partners in the Stockholm region. Now, more names have been added to the popular list.

The Swedish capital has a reputation for being an environmental technology pioneer and thanks to the Stockholm Cleantech Hotlist – which presents the region’s most interesting investment opportunities – it has become easier for foreign investors to find new rising stars in the cleantech industry.

Niklas Zandelin, head of EZE Systems, a Stockholm-based firm that specializes in the control and monitoring of systems via the internet, said being on the list had given the firm some welcome extra attention.

“It’s a receipt that we have a solution that really makes a difference,” he explained. “The fact that companies and organizations make their systems, meters and energy data more obtainable is leading to increased awareness of energy use and the ability to be more efficient.

“We have communicated this in our marketing channels, such as newsletters and on the website, and have received positive feedback and interested contacts through this,” Zandelin added.

Curated by Stockholm Business Region Development, the hotlist features a carefully selected group of some of the most interesting cleantech companies in one of the world’s leading tech regions.

Ahead of the Cleantech Forum conference in San Francisco in January, Stockholm Business Region announced that more than a dozen new firms had been added to the list.

One of those was Climeon, whose pioneering technology converts hot water into electricity. The company’s chief executive officer Thomas Öström said it was a great honor to be included, especially as Stockholm is known for its groundbreaking firms in both the environmental and technology industries.

“Being on the Cleantech Hotlist has led to several interesting dialogues with potential clients and suppliers. It’s also a sign of how the City of Stockholm supports these kinds of investments,” Öström said.

The accolade came shortly after Climeon had been recognized by American consulting firm Frost & Sullivan for developing a revolutionary waste heat recovery solution for the marine industry.

Öström said one of the great advantages of the company being based in Stockholm was the pool of talent available.
“There are many skilled and competent people here with a variety of backgrounds,” he explained.

The thirteen new companies added to the list are: Climeon, Gofreel, Stri, Energeotec, aqua-q, Worldfavor, Qtagg, ngenic, Paxymer, Greenely, Hexicon, Expektra and Devcco.