Brands flock to new Stockholm fashion hub

Published June 2015 in collaboration between Invest Stockholm and The Swedish Wire.

A new creative hub is emerging in Stockholm and is quickly attracting attention from international fashion and design brands. Stockholm Fashion District, which is located at Nacka Strand, is aiming to become a vibrant new district for Sweden's already impressive fashion industry.

Helena Waker, head of the project and CEO of trade organisation Trade Partner Sweden (Agenturföretagen), said it's the first time so many separate fashion entities have been joined together in one area in Scandinavia.

“The aim is to collect as many companies to try to boost their business and to make it for simple for customers," she said. "Big investments are being made in order to make this happen."

The creation of a single district where buyers can purchase everything from clothing to shoes and accessories will further strengthen Stockholm's reputation as a fashion city.

One of the firms to move to the district was Denmark's DK company, which has 16 brands, including InWear, Matinique, Part Two and Soaked in Luxury.

“We have listened to our customers and chosen Stockholm Fashion District since we believe in it for the future," said Thomas Juul, sales director at Part Two.

Others who have moved into Stockholm Fashion District include: Stockholm Shoe House (with 4,000 square meters of permanent showrooms and over one hundred international and Swedish brands within footwear and bags); Preview Fabrics & Accessories (which twice a year gathers designers and buyers from leading chain stores to create new collections); Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair (that twice a year caters to the leading retailers and chain stores and presents all the season’s news); and Fashion Business Days (which is a trade show for international and Swedish clothing brands, which caters to the leading fashion stores).

In January 2016, an additional building with permanent showrooms for clothing brands will be added to Stockholm Fashion District. Called Stockholm Showrooms, it will be over 8000 square meters.

“To pool fashion in this way makes things much easier for the customers, which is our main focus," said Waker. “It is incredibly fun to welcome them to this fantastic and creative environment."

The fashion district is run by Trade Partner Sweden, a membership network with over 100 years experience of international trade. The group is made up primarily of small and medium-sized agents, suppliers and distributors.