Here are the new innovations from Stockholm

Today, the winners of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship and Acceleration Scholarship were announced. Seven innovators received scholarships totalling SEK 750,000 from the Mayor of Stockholm at a ceremony in the Golden Hall of Stockholm City Hall.

  • Photo: Anna Rut Fridholm
    Photo: Anna Rut Fridholm

38 experts from Stockholm's business and innovation ecosystem selected five innovations to receive the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship of SEK 100,000 each. At the same time, the winner of the Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship was selected. This scholarship of SEK 250,000 goes to one of the past five years’ finalists of the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship, to further develop or scale-up their innovation.

- New innovations drive our city forward, both nationally and internationally. This year's winners show that the creativity among Stockholm innovators has no limits, and that Stockholm is a hub for innovation and sustainable development. We are actively working to encourage innovation, and to attract national and international talents to join our creative ecosystem and stay in our city, says Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm.

Below are the winners in the respective scholarship category.

Endometrix - winner in category life science and health

Endometrix is an app-based symptom and treatment tracking tool that uses AI to provide individualised recommendations and insights for gynaecological conditions with a focus on endometriosis.

Winner: Mitchell McLaren Isakka with team: Moa Linder, Sushrut Shastri and Kristin Asker.

Labtrino - winner in category social impact and sustainability

Labtrino / CubicMeter ™ eliminate overconsumption of water by creating awareness through our innovative metering technology.

Winner: Thibault Helle with team: Ramtin Massoumzadeh, Olle Henning, Peter Eriksson and Marek Baczynski.

Bytesportalen - winner in category simplify everyday life

Bytesportalen is the digital link between real estate companies.

Winner: Christoffer Grip with team member Hamed Mohammadpour.

Soundation - winner in category creative industries

Soundation - music collaboration without boundaries.

Winner: Adam Hasslert with team: John Granström, Kai Sugannasil and Fredrik Bergstrand.

The 100 Point Challenge - winner in category travel & tourism

The 100 Point Challenge is a unique city discovery game facilitating exploration, integration and education, where its you vs the city.

Winner: Anna Millan with team: Dan Paech, Rodrigo Lozano and Hanna Barrebo.

AsthmaTuner - winner of the Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship

AsthmaTuner is a unique self-treatment app where patients can measure their daily asthma variability and instantly receive individualized treatment instructions according to international asthma treatment guidelines.

Winners: Henrik Ljungberg and Björn Nordlund with team: Eric Alhanko, Peter Sommer and Isabella Smolarski.

About the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship

The Stockholm Innovation Scholarship is presented in five categories. To be nominated, the competitor must live, work or study in Stockholm County. Each winner is awarded a scholarship of SEK 100,000 as well as expert guidance from Startup Sthlm. In addition they get office space for six months at United Spaces. The scholarship is run by Invest Stockholm, with funds from the city and the Agne Johansson Memorial Fund Foundation.

About the Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship

The Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship has been enabled by a donation from the Agne Johanssons Minnesfond Foundation and aims to stimulate and encourage innovators to further develop or scale-up their products. The scholarship of SEK 250,000 is awarded to one of the last five years’ finalists of the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship, following an application process and jury assessment. The winner also receives expert guidance from ALMI and office space for six months at United Spaces.