Intelligent healthcare is thriving in Stockholm

Sweden’s greater Stockholm area is fast becoming a hub for companies looking to apply AI and ML to the life sciences. In the Stockholm Life Science AI/ML Guide launched today, Invest Stockholm has interviewed key opinion leaders and companies about the blossoming AI/ML life science scene in Stockholm.

  • Photo: Anna Hugosson /
    Photo: Anna Hugosson /

The healthcare industry and academic sectors in the Stockholm region have a long history of collaborating to put innovative ideas into practice. This is especially true in areas where AI and ML seems most promising, such as population bio banks, diagnostics, imaging and drug discovery. A host of start-ups are therefore flourishing in the Stockholm ecosystem with its world-ranked research centers such as Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SciLifeLab, Stockholm University and Uppsala University.

“We are currently seeing a real surge in the number of life science companies successfully adopting AI/ML in the Stockholm region. As you see from the interviews in our guide, this is driven by a number of key interrelated factors – a world leading research base, a diverse talent pool, government backing and a readily accessible testing environment,” says  Ylva Hultman, Head of Life Science Investment Promotion at Invest Stockholm. 

The guide is designed to give you a snapshot of how Stockholm’s scientists and engineers use AI and ML to solve some of the greatest medical challenges such as prostate cancer, diabetes, dementia and stress. 

In the guide, five key opinion leaders and 11 companies share their insights from the intelligent healthcare scene. When it comes to the benefits of working in Stockholm, they all agree on several points: the breadth and depth of talent, willingness and ease of testing new ideas in the healthcare system, availability of investment capital and the general inspirational buzz of working in what is regarded as one of the world’s hot spots for tech in general. 

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