​Six new Stockholm health tech companies on the Life Science Hotlist

The health tech sector in Stockholm is booming. Six new health tech companies are entering the Life Science Hotlist, a list of carefully curated investment opportunities in the Stockholm-Uppsala region. Invest Stockholm has screened 95 health tech companies to identify the “hot” investment cases.

  • Photo: Anna Hugosson/mediabank.visitstockholm.com
    Photo: Anna Hugosson/mediabank.visitstockholm.com

Today, Brighter, Camino Care, CareLigo, Encare, Hnry and Minnity are added to the hotlist, joining the 17 health tech companies that are already on the list

Stockholm, with an emphasis on integrating artificial intelligence into healthcare products and platforms, are leading the health tech revolution. The 95 health tech companies selected* for the screening employ a total of 858 employees and together they generate a revenue of SEK 1,42 billion. 

“It’s a great time to be an investor in health tech in Sweden. There are a lot of interesting Stockholm-based companies emerging and the outlook is promising. As a generalist tech investor, we started looking at the sector a couple of years ago, having seen more deal flow and activity in the space. Since then, we've seen almost a four-fold increase in the number of start-ups.” says Marta Sjögren, Partner at venture capital firm Northzone.

Sweden has set itself the goal of becoming “the best in the world” at utilizing the health advancements ushered in by “digitalisation and eHealth” and 2018 saw a number of positive steps towards achieving that distinction. While there are plenty of government initiatives, some of the most promising developments can be found in the private sector, where there are many new companies within the areas of net doctors, electronic patient journal systems, mental illness and self-monitoring solutions. 

“We see an increased interest from international investors and companies looking for industrial collaborations with Stockholm health tech companies. Just the fact that there are over 95 health tech companies that are at the forefront of some truly exciting health tech developments, shows that we have a critical mass of talent and opportunities in the Stockholm region,” says Ylva Hultman, Head of Life Science Investment Promotion at Invest Stockholm.

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