Stockholm exports its DNA to SXSW in Austin

The unique DNA of Stockholm is built on progressive values that allow Stockholmers to be among the most innovative people in the world. The openness to new ideas, to diversity and inclusion, have contributed to the city’s ever increasing popularity among both talents and travelers, at a time of growing populism and closing borders. Now, Stockholm is bringing its DNA to SXSW in Austin, inviting anyone to be a Stockholmer.

  • Photo: Björn Olin/Folio/
    Photo: Björn Olin/Folio/

The number of travelers from the US to Stockholm has increased by 38% over the past two years (2016-2018). In parallel, Stockholm climbed to rank second-best city in the world at attracting international talents. Stockholm’s progressive values play a vital role in the city’s attractiveness. 

“A city’s success depends on its ability to unlock the full potential of all its citizens. In Stockholm, women and men have equal opportunities to form their lives and our society. Women enjoy the same possibilities as men to study and work, and women’s and men’s ideas and ambition carry the same weight. Equality and equal opportunities are key factors to Stockholm’s success, and I would be very happy to see those values spreading, says Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm. 

Stockholm is inviting everyone to adopt the Stockholm DNA by visiting the SAS House of Scandinavia at the 2019 SXSW Conference & Festivals in Austin, Texas, on March 8-17, the world’s largest gathering of creative professionals. During The Stockholm talks, SXSW delegates are invited to connect with Stockholmers and to be inspired on the topics of gender equality, openness and creative collaborations.

On March 8, the Mayor of Stockholm, Anna König Jerlmyr, together with the Stockholm tech scene, will share experiences from declaring Stockholm ’A Woman’s Place’. Over hundred Stockholm companies, employing tens of thousands of people, have joined the initiative, publicly declaring their commitment to improving gender equality. 

While gender equality is the topic for the first seminar, openness and creative collaborations dominate the theme at the second seminar, which also appeal to music creators at SXSW. 

“Innovation increasingly takes place in distributed teams that share the same values and vision of the future. That is why we in Stockholm aim to spur global collaborations. Music is a perfect example of an industry where magic is created through remote collaborations, very often enabled through music tech innovations that originate from Stockholm,” says Anna Gissler, Acting CEO of Stockholm Business Region. 

During The Stockholm Talks on March 12, music tech innovators from Stockholm will share Sweden’s secret sauce to music tech leadership. 

In addition to The Stockholm talks, there will be plenty of opportunities to get a taste for Swedish values at SAS House of Scandinavia. Why not try the food by Stockholm chef Paul Svensson, a pioneer in sustainable haute cuisine. Together with his Nordic collaborators Kamilla Seidlerfrom from Denmark, and Norwegian-Icelandic Atli Màr Yngvason, they will transform local food waste from SXSW and Austin to a 9-course gourmet meal. 

Welcome to be a Stockholmer in Austin. See you at House of Scandinavia.

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