Photo: Henrik Trygg

Stockholm – Home of impact

Stockholm strenghtens the ambition to become the world’s leading city for social impact investments and startups driven by sustainability and innovation to shape a sustainable future.

Impact startups seek to create positive environmental or social impact while also generating financial returns for their owners. Sustainability is thereby created both in economic terms as well as societal terms. With a growing number of investments being made into these purpose-driven enterprises, the future is already beginning to look a lot brighter.

Over the last few years, the Stockholm startup scene has seen an increase in investors that want to invest “sustainably”, investing with consideration to the environment and human well-being as well as the economy. Today, the growing prominence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social sustainability has increased investor awareness about ethical participation in the market. In the report "Welcome to Stockholm - Home of Impact", you will find examples of impact investing, innovations, and companies from the Stockholm startup scene.

Stockholm has one of the world’s most innovative startup ecosystems and is second only to Silicon Valley in terms of unicorns produced per capita. With its thriving tech industry and commitment to sustainability from the top-down, Stockholm has become a noteworthy player on the global impact scene.

It is our firm belief that our city is well-positioned to become a home for impact unicorns, investment and startups. And we are well on our way to achieving this ambition. In the 2021 article ‘Venture-Capital Record Makes Sweden New Impact Hub in Europe’, Bloomberg states that Sweden raised the most impact funding in Europe in 2021, exceeding Germany and the UK in attracting venture capital funding to companies in line with the SDGs and setting a new record in impact funding.

The new insight report explores the critical role of talent, ideas, innovations and companies in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals and Stockholm’s potential to become the global capital for impact investments and startups. The city’s long history as a champion for sustainability, the success of its world-renowned tech scene, and its progressive mindset are identified as attractive advantages for anyone considering investing in Stockholm’s impact companies or starting their own purpose-driven venture.

An overview of the local impact scene, global and local impact investment trends, and a mapping out of Stockholm’s impact ecosystem, shed light on the growing prevalence of impact as a mission and the increasing importance of impact investments.