Photo: Anna König Jerlmyr
Photo: Anna König Jerlmyr

Stockholm launches unique new business advisory service

The City of Stockholm has announced the launch of a unique new service that promises to smooth the process of starting a company.

The service, called ‘Starta eget Stockholm’*, will enable people who are planning to start a business to select their own advisor based on the relevance of the service provider’s skills and professional background. Once selected by an entrepreneur, advisors will offer early-stage business coaching services for the new company. 

The service is financed by the City of Stockholm, which will cover the full cost of advisor fees. For entrepreneurs the service is free and available to anybody over the age of 18 who is legally resident in Stockholm. 

“We want it to be easy to start a company in Stockholm and entrepreneurs should have a wide range of options when setting up. In order to thrive, our city districts are reliant on there being a wide range of businesses. This is why we are offering Stockholm-based entrepreneurs the opportunity, the first of its kind in the world, to select their own advisor through the new ‘Starta eget Stockholm’ service. By matching entrepreneurs with the right advisor I am convinced that we will see a growing number of vibrant new companies in Stockholm,” says Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr.

‘Starta eget Stockholm’ offers a step-by-step advisory service that offers everything from inspirational talks and informational meetings to concept development and business guidance. 

“In the wake of the pandemic and the economic situation in the city we want ‘Starta eget Stockholm’ to contribute to the recovery. We are convinced that more people want to start companies. Everyone has something that motivates them to want to start a company; regardless of what that motivation is, we want to give people in the city the chance to explore what it means to run a business,” says Ariane Bucquet Pousette, Project Manager for ‘Starta eget Stockholm’ at Invest Stockholm. 

To qualify as an advisor, applicants go through a selection process before receiving the necessary authorization. 

“Starta eget Stockholm represents a customer-choice model that is new for all parties involved: the city, the providers, and the clients. The city’s close collaboration with providers in helping to further develop Starta eget Stockholm represents a fantastic example of a new form of public-private cooperation,” says Ariane Bucquet Pousette. 

The City of Stockholm previously financed the business advisory service Startup Sthlm. Starta eget Stockholm is funded using the same budget previously allocated to Startup Sthlm. 

*’Starta eget’ literally means ‘start your own’ and is shorthand for ‘start your own company’. 

Read more about Starta eget Stockholm (in Swedish) here


Ariane Bucquet Pousette, Project Manager, Invest Stockholm,, +46 (0)8 508 280 61


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