Stockholm to create the best place in the world for impact entrepreneurs and investors

For the past ten years, Stockholm has become known as the unicorn factory. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes the city, Stockholm is primed to take stronger action to fight climate change and find solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

  • Photo: Norrsken House
    Photo: Norrsken House

Invest Stockholm is partnering with Norrsken Foundation to support entrepreneurs and innovators who are solving society’s biggest challenges. The world’s leading climate scientists have warned we have only 12 years to limit the negative impact of climate change and prevent poverty for hundreds of millions of people. To that aim, the City of Stockholm has intensified its focus on sustainable solutions and climate-smart technologies. 

“Stockholm needs to become an impact unicorn factory, creating the innovations that contribute to the environment or society in a positive way. This goal we share with Norrsken Foundation, which is why we are excited to be supporting Norrsken’s 300+ impact entrepreneurs who are solving important problems for generations to come,” says Erik Krüger, Acting CEO of Invest Stockholm. 

“Stockholm has become one of the world’s best breeding grounds for unicorns, in part thanks to the fantastic support and work of Invest Stockholm. We’re incredibly proud to work together to now also make it an equally fertile ground for impact unicorns - companies that leverage technology and entrepreneurship to solve societal and environmental problems,” says Erik Engellau-Nilsson, CEO of Norrsken Foundation.

Within the partnership, Invest Stockholm and Norrsken Foundation aim to make Stockholm the best place in the world for impact entrepreneurs and investors.