Image of food plates at a restaurant in Stockholm
Photo: Petter Bäcklund

The complete Stockholm Foodtech Guide

The Stockholm FoodTech Guide is here, portraying a playground for anyone interested in building the next generation food system. Be it investors, entrepreneurs, big corporations or talent, Stockholm offers a future ready platform to co-create the solutions needed to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

When Stockholm was first mentioned as a Foodtech hub back in 2018, the city was already riding a wave of rising Foodtech activities, all aimed at remodeling the world of food into something healthy and sustainable.

The drive towards a rapid shift of the food system has been further increased because of the pandemic, with a rapidly increasing focus on food waste, food supply chains and food security. The future of food will happen in places where health and sustainability are core, where tech and data are mature industries, and where conscious consumers and policymakers actively look for new solutions.

For this important but specialist interest in creating a next generation food system to succeed, there has to be a unified common interest behind it. As such the focus of this guide is not only on the investors and entrepreneurs, but also the other ecosystem players contributing with their own cogs in the larger machine that is cranking out ever better food solutions, be they research or tangible services. All are badly needed in order to meet the UN’s SDGs.

Together with Sweden FoodTech we have mapped the over 130 Foodtech startups and analysed the latest investment trends. The findings point to the presence of a rapidly growing realization of food’s impact and a strong drive to improve both health of people and the planet.

For more information please reach out to Jenny Berthling, Business Development Manager at Invest Stockholm.