The retail guide to Stockholm and Sweden

Sweden stands out, as a global leader in innovation with a highly skilled labor force, smooth business procedures and an openness to international ownership. Our retail guide charts retail opportunities and provides hard facts and information about the market, demand and supply in Stockholm and Sweden.

  • Photo: Simon Paulin/
    Photo: Simon Paulin/

Sweden is the world’s most reputable country and consistently ranks as one of the most competitive, productive and globalized countries in the world. Rising from fourth to second place in Forbes' “The Best Countries for Business 2019” is evidence of that. The Swedish Retail market is an increasingly attractive market for expansion, forecasted to outperform other countries. The retail market has enjoyed positive annual growth for 22 consecutive years, fueled both by steadily increasing population growth and rising disposable income. 

Stockholm's cosmopolitan atmosphere and entrepreneurial climate make for an affluent and diverse audience, and an exciting market opportunity for brands in all retail areas. Our first-rate infrastructure, high economic potential and wealth of human capital places it amongst the world’s top future-ready economies, a popular choice for regional headquarters of multinational companies. That forward-thinking culture also fosters domestic creativity. Stockholm has produced more unicorn startups per capita than any region outside California’s Silicon Valley.

An attractive investment for everyone

As the tech hub that Stockholm is, the city has fully embraced digitalization: cashless payments are the norm, taxes can be paid via smartphone, and 70% of the population shops online. There is also a thriving sharing economy; nine e-scooter companies battle for market share on every corner. With seamless digital integration becoming an increasingly necessary aspect of the retail experience, Stockholm is poised to lead the way.

As one of Europe’s fastest expanding urban centers, Stockholm is attracting talent from around the globe, drawn to the professional opportunities and high quality of life that Stockholm offers.

Consistently heading global business and innovation rankings, Stockholm’s commitment to democracy, diversity and sustainability as core social values has also given it a distinctly international appeal. With over 190 nationalities living here, Stockholm is Scandinavia’s melting pot. Ranked by the Global Talent Competitiveness Index as one of the World’s best cities for growing, attracting and retaining talent, Stockholm attracts considerable interest from international companies, with a surge of foreign investments in recent years.

Great opportunities for international retailers

Stockholm has one of Europe’s fastest growing populations and it welcomes millions of visitors every year, coming from all around the world. In the past five years, over 40 new international direct flight routes have opened, including connections between Stockholm and Singapore, Milan, Dusseldorf, Shanghai and New Delhi. With over 14 million commercial overnight stays in 2018, the city continues to climb the list of most attractive destinations in Europe.

As Stockholm’s population increases, so do opportunities for international retail brands. Expanding retail sales and high population growth rates have generated considerable investment in new retail space developments and expansions of shopping centers and city districts, making Stockholm an easy entry point into the Swedish market.

Simply put: Stockholm offers high purchasing power, one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and an attractive business environment. 

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