The Network for the Networked Society

February 2016

What does Internet of Things mean according to Ericsson? What is 5G going to bring to the table? What will the connected society look like in 2020?

These questions and much more are covered in the following keynote by Aniruddho Basu, VP Head of Technology Advisory at Ericsson.

Aniruddho, or Ani as he is called, goes into Ericsson’s vision The Networked Society. It’s an exciting vision that describes how society will look when everything is connected. Ericsson estimates that there will more than 9 billion mobile subscriptions by 2020, compared to 7 billion today. However, mobile data traffic is estimated to increase almost 10 times the amount being distributed today. Smartphone adoption is driving this development, and Ericsson is one of the key drivers globally who are making it possible.

Availability of broadband has a positive correlation to employment, education and GDP growth in any country according to Ericsson. That means that investments in infrastructure, such as fiber network, is paramount to the development of a country or city.