Key events Stockholm Tech Week

One of the biggest, and most dynamic and diverse gatherings of the tech scene is Stockholm Tech Week, this year raising the bar by bringing together tech conferences, events and thousands of guests. Events all over the city are now taking form, stay tuned for an updated list of key events and welcome to an immersive experience of what’s going to happen next in the world!

Last year's program (Stay tuned for updates)

World’s largest (1000+) hackathon for women
September 7-8, Stockholm City Hall 
On Sept 7th and 8th, 1000+ women will come together at Stockholm City Hall to join the World's Largest Hackathon for Women. Register here! 

Partner hackaton at Invest Stockholm
September 8, Invest Stockholm, Drottninggatan 33
How can we level the playing ground for female founders so they are given a fair shot at securing funding? Join us to work on this challenge, register here!

STHLM tech job fair
September 8, Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36
The Job Fair is where companies find their next new team members and where anyone can find their next new job. More info here

STHLM tech fest VIP dinner
September 8, Stockholm City Hall
More info here.  

Stockholm tech safari
September 9-10, side events all over central Stockholm, including:

Creating the startup community in Stockholm
Seminar, September 9, Invest Stockholm, Drottninggatan 33
By Tyler Crowley, an invite-only event. 

What is the government doing to catalyst digitalization nationwide?
Seminar, September 9, 14.00-15.30, Invest Stockholm, Drottninggatan 33
With the global digitalization, new data is constantly being digitized, shared and analyzed more rapidly than ever before. In this session we will learn about the role of digitalization and data in the public sector space - the potential of “GovTech”. How’s the City of Stockholm gradually transforming into a more open, smarter and innovative city? How can businesses and entrepreneurs leverage data from municipalities to develop new products and services? To attend, please email

Sustainable data in circular city
Seminar, September 9, 16.00-17.00, Invest Stockholm, Drottninggatan 33
The data center sector is the fastest growing consumer of electricity. That growth is largely driven by the Tech sector’s innovative applications. To make this vital part of the economy sustainable, it is essential that the Tech sector makes wise decisions and demands for its applications. Are the applications running on servers that use renewable electricity? Are the servers placed in data centers where the waste heat is reused for heating households and office buildings? Presented by Erik Rylander, Head of Stockholm Data Parks and Heat recovery at Stockholm Exergi. Limited amount of seats, to attend please email

How the fashion industry can use innovation and IT to create a more sustainable future
Seminar, September 9, 16.00-17.00, Invest Stockholm, Drottninggatan 33
As one of the largest fashion companies in the world, H&M work with sustainability within all business areas.  IT has a footprint of its own but is also an enabler. In this presentation, you will hear some examples of tech concepts built by H&M for testing and learning for the future, and how they could impact the way we consume and produce fashion. Another initiative you will hear more about is “Double Sales – Half Impact”, with the aim to decrease the environmental impact of IT by half while doubling the size of the business. Presented by Anders Hagström, leading the innovation group IT LABS at H&M. IT LABS is using technology to design and build concepts for the future to gain insights, learnings and to create value. Anders was previously leading the sustainability work within H&M IT when the concept ”Double Sales Half Impact” was designed and implemented. Limited amount of seats, to attend please email

WhaleShark capital raising breakfast
September 9, Nasdaq, Stockholm
Connecting the founders with the funders at this invite-only event at Nasdaq office. For more info, email

Boost female entrepreneurship with SUP46 Femtech, Startup Sweden & Wellstreet
September 10, 17.30-20.00, Invest Stockholm, Drottninggatan 33
Listen to experienced investors from the tech industry, get to know the startups chosen for Startup Sweden's FemTech Bootcamp and meet old and new acquaintances. Register here

STHLM Tech Fest 
September 11, Stockholm Waterfront Congress
Full day conference, program and tickets here!

Stockholm Innovation Scholarship award ceremony 
September 11, Stockholm City Hall
At the ceremony the winners of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship 2019 and Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship 2019 will be announced. Open to media only. For press access please email

Why and how to invest in games
September 11, Tekniska museet
Presented by Invest Stockholm and Swedish Games Industry. Program and information on how to attend here.

Game investor session (by invitation only)
September 12, Nasdaq Stockholm
Organised by Sting and Invest Stockholm, in collaboration with Swedish Games Industry. More information here

Invest in Games 2019
September 12, Nasdaq Stockholm 
Presented by Nordisk Film Games. Get your tickets here!

Gather festival 
September 12-14, Expohuset, Sickla 
A meeting point for tech, science and innovation, business, public sector, culture and creativity. Get your tickets here!